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Our Service

Our Service

Support for International Financial Institutions

Our core business is supporting overseas financial institutions to attract international financial companies to Japan.

Our Group provides a wide range of one-stop services for international financial institutions for registration/license application and other procedures and business support to expand business in Japan by our staffs who have the experience to work in the financial industry, including our representative.

In addition to providing legal and administrative procedural support, we have supported Japanese market entry for foreign financial institutions and businesses and set Japanese bases for overseas funds. Furthermore, we have carried out hands-on support such as office opening, and appointment of officers.

Furthermore, we have track records to support foreign financial institutions entering into the Japanese Market in cooperating with consulting firms, foreign law firms, Japanese companies, and individuals in charge of the domestic contact point.

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to collaborate with us to support foreign financial institutions entering the Japanese Market.

Our Services

Propose the Best Scheme to Suit Your Business

The financial regulations in Japan are very complex. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the optimal entry scheme considering many issues such as the balance between expenses and profits, taxes, and labor law.

We have abundant knowledge through our experience. We can collaborate with major law firms and accounting firms to propose the best scheme.

Setting up the Office in Japan

There are many office areas in Tokyo, and there are unique transaction practices for real estate. In addition, there are a variety of office services such as long-term rent, short-term service offices, residences cum offices. We will support our Client in selecting the most appropriate office, providing appropriate advice on rent, area, and other issues on setting up the office in Japan and processing the contract on behalf of the Client.

Propose Business Plan

It is necessary to submit a comprehensive business plan to authorities to register Financial Instruments Business. It is essential to add points of view such as taxes and public dues, social security, general wage/price levels, and industry practices for the business plan. We have abundant consulting experience, and we can formulate the best business plan for our Clients in cooperation with major accounting firms.

Services and Instruments Design

We customize the financial instruments based on local financial regulations and trading practices in Japan. We also work with major law firms and accounting firms to achieve legal and tax optimization. Besides, we advise optimal instrument design and marketing procedures to Japanese investors.

Registration/Notification Procedure

We will conduct registration and other procedures for the Financial Services Agency and Local Finance Bureau on your behalf. We carry out a quick and accurate registration procedure through our extensive experience.

Business Support after Registration

We undertake the domestic agency business of the fund. Besides, we can provide compliance work, internal audit work, and administrative work to the authorities. It will help our clients to reduce the number of staff in Japan. By outsourcing all of these tasks to an experienced specialist, clients can reduce labor costs and administrative burdens.

Our Track Record

Hedge Fund (U.S.A)

We provided total support from the opening office in Tokyo to hiring officers and staff in Japan. In addition, we have completed the registration to the Kanto Finance Bureau as an agent. After completion of the registration, we were entrusted with an internal audit.

Investment Bank(U.S.A.)

We supported creating the scheme and design of securitized instruments in Japan in cooperation with a major accounting firm. We supported consistently until the start of sales of the securitized instruments.

Crypto-asset Currency Exchange Service Operator

We supported the new Financial Services Agency registration and support for the AML/CFT system. Continue supporting them even after they join an overseas financial group.

Asset Management Company (Europe)

We carried out total support from negotiations to registration with the Kanto Finance Bureau to register as an Investment Advisory and Agency Business Operator to provide advisory services to wealthy Japanese clients without establishing an entity in Japan.

Hedge Fund(Europe)

We carried out the reporting for private placement and management of professional funds in Japan as a joint venture with a Japanese Investment Management Business Operator.
In addition, we provide total support from the notification procedure for the Financial Services Agency/Finance Bureau in terms of structure and licensing procedures.

Derivatives Broker(Europe)

We provided hands-on support for opening offices, drafting business plans, applying for registration to the Finance Bureau, appointment as an officer, and supporting subsequent business operations in Japan.

Foreign Governments, Japanese Local Governments

We support the establishment of an industrial promotion fund at the foreign governments’ request. In addition, we have many consultations in Japan regarding the financial instruments business and other administrative procedures.

Social lending/Crowdfunding

In Japan, we have top-class successful registration records for the Type II Financial Instruments Business, social lending, investment-type crowdfunding, and the Type I Small-amount Electronic Public Offering Service, equity crowdfunding.

Major Investment Company(China)

We carried out an advisory service for investment activities in Japan. We provide a wide range of support, from advising optimal investment schemes to marketing in Japan.

Major Bank-affiliated Asset Management Company

We supported the registration of the Investment Management Business of major bank-affiliated investment companies. We provide a wide range of support, from negotiations with the Finance Bureau to preparing registration documents and establishing an internal organization.

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