Japanese Financial Regulatory Consulting Specialist

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We are specialized in laws and consulting to obtain licenses or registration for the following financial business.

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●Stock Brokerage
●Investment Banking
●Foreign Exchange (PRC, IB)
●Unit trust/Mutual Fund(TypeII)
● Financial Advisory
● Asset Management
● Crypto-assets

Our Group’s consultants have working experience at domestic and international financial institutions. In addition, we can handle consultation to proxy procedures as there are legal experts in our office.

The specialized consultant’s experience and knowledge are necessary to guide you to enter the Japanese financial market. Our Group provides full support for the incorporation of company, legal and licensing issues, and practical matters such as office space investment consulting, due diligence, and even opening of bank accounts.

How do we support your financial business in Japan?

1 Understand the Client’s Requirements

A specialized consultant will listen to the Client’s requirements regarding the business in detail and identify the issues and procedures necessary for starting the business quickly. Upon agreeing on the specific process with the Client, we will proceed with the application and/or registration.
2 Decide Business Entity, Incorporation of company

At first, we will explore the business entity in Japan. There are several ways to doing business in Japan for International companies, such as establishing a company in Japan, a Branch status, and Representative Offices. Several businesses can conduct overseas without establishing a business entity in Japan, such as the Investment Advisory and Agency Business and particular business such as the Specially Permitted Business for Qualified Institutional Investor We will advise a necessary procedure and documentation once the Client wishes to establish a business entity in Japan.
3 Company Incorporation Process

The incorporation of a company in Japan will be completed in 3 business days in principle based on the fast-track policy. Cross-border transactions may take a longer time due to documentation such as affidavits. But in any case, it won’t take that long time. Japanese residents do not require for incorporation of a company. Foreign capital restrictions are not strict.
The office address in Japan is necessary to establish a company. We can assist in renting an office for registration.
4  Get your company ready

After deciding on a business entity and establish a company or branch office, it is necessary to carry out procedures as per Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law, open a bank account, and various taxes and social insurance registration. We can assist you in those with an accounting firm.

5 License Application

As is often the case, a license is required to start a financial business such as fund, securities business, Forex and FINTECH in Japan. Japanese financial licenses are given by the Financial Services Agency or the Regional Finance Bureau. Prior to registering for the financial instruments business, it is necessary to submit a business plan to these authorities for review.
We can assist you in obtaining business licenses other than financial business, too.
We assist international financial companies together with lawyers and accountants to secure business licenses.
6 Start Business

Establishing a legal entity or obtaining a license is only the first step for the success of your business. Once the license is secured, we will continue to support your company to grow your business.

Our Track Records

Our services are always individually tailored as per the Client’s requirements. We will work on every case with our best knowledge and unique insight acquired from our experience.

●The total number of financial products and services involved exceeds 500 cases.

●Continuously engaging in 5-10% of new Financial Instruments Business registrations in Japan.

●More than 10% share of new Financial Instruments Business Operator registrations in 2017, 2018 and 2021.

●We know their needs well and are committed to providing a team that meets those needs.


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