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Taurus Group Overview

Taurus Group Overview

Taurus Group & Consulting

We are the leading firm specializes in regulation of financial business, such as funds, financial instrument exchange business, registered financial institutions, qualified institutional investors, etc., and registration to achieve various financial instrument exchange business.

  • Our core business under the Japanese Government Strategy is supporting
    overseas financial institutions to attract international financial companies to Japan.
  • Our Group provides a wide range of one-stop services for international financial institutions・・・

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Company Name Taurus Financial Consulting Co., Ltd.
Taurus General Administrative Scrivener Office
License Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist:08102239
(Taurus General Administrative Scrivener Office)
Paid Employment Placement Services:13-Yu-313955(Taurus-IMH Advisory)
CEO Noritaka Itani
Phone number +(81)3-6434-7184
Location 1-2-17 Motoakasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0051 JAPAN

We have been serving with more than 500 financial service companies including offshore funds since foundation. We continue to be engaged with about 10% of newly registrations of financial instruments business companies.

Since 2017, the start of crypto registration, we have built a track record of successfully registering several crypto-asset exchange companies. Additionally, we have multiple successful cases of obtaining Type II financial instruments business Operator licenses for electronic public offering service, often referred to as crowdfunding. This demonstrates our strong knowledge in FINTECH and advanced financial technology.

We have been engaging more than 120 advisory contracts, mainly from financial instruments and exchange companies continuously.

Taurus Group Management Profile

Group Representative Noritaka Itani

Graduated Keio University Faculty of Economics(B.A)in 2007 and has completed the University of Tokyo Near Future Financial System Creation Program in 2021.
Co-founded an IT startup(Listed company of Tokyo stock exchange now) while studying at university in 2006.
After changing his career to finance, he was consecutively in charge of compliance during his 20’s at the Israeli financial institution, Clal Finance Group, in Japan (2009 – 2011). Then, he has worked for several international financial companies ( France, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland).
After founding Taurus Group in 2011, he succeeded in achieving the Group as a top Japanese firm in the financial instruments business registration.
He is well-known as an independent financial regulatory consultant in Japan.

Senior Partner Chiaki Suzuki

Graduated Faculty of Engineering, the University of Tokyo (B.A.) in 2009.
Joined Deutsche Securities Co., Ltd in 2009 and served as Vice President of Global Markets Sales Headquarters. In 2015, she joined Private BANK Co., Ltd., as a COO in Tokyo. In 2018, she started hers own wealth management business (Gift Co., Ltd.) and became the representative Director. In 2021, she joined our firm as a Partner.

Senior Partner Miwako Okano

Graduated from Tsuda University in 2009.
In 2009, she joined Fujitsu Group. In 2012, she joined our firm as Partner. She is familiar with the financial instruments business and registered financial institution business as a procedural practitioner.

Our Customers

We have been working for newly independent individuals of SMEs and financial institutions such as banks, securities companies, virtual currency exchanges, major law firms, as well as foreign governments, and listed companies.

For more detail and experience, please also refer to our overseas consulting website.

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